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About Duc Nhan Corporation

Founded by Mr Nguyen Thanh Nhon in February 1995 in KonTum, a highland province of Central Vietnam, Duc Nhan was a small factory with only 70 workers and 3 containers per month of its capacity.
Through 10 years passed, Duc Nhan has unceasingly kept growing up as one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Vietnam. The top priority of Duc Nhan now is doing the best for fully satisfying our customers’ needs by delivering to the market its core values:
Beautiful Designs → Qualified Products On time Delivery Competitive Price
Duc Nhan would like to be your valuable, trustable, profitable and strategic partner.
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As you all know the market is more and more competitive with the globalization trend. Therefore, the big challenge for all manufacturers is to become consumers’ choice in the world.
With such situation, it is pleasure for Duc Nhan to shoulder the mission:
"Becoming a most reasonable choice for all furniture retailers and consumers all over the world"
Duc Nhan commits to deliver a professional and competitive working environment for all talented employees. Please send your C.V with your expectation to our HR Division:
Our recruitment team will contact you if any suitable positions.
The hugest asset of Duc Nhan is people. Duc Nhan considers its employees are the key elements can create the core values, company culture as well its future development.
Duc Nhan respects and appreciates the contribution and creation of all employees for the Company’s development and success. Duc Nhan offers fair and competitive opportunities for the promotion and career future.
That is the reason why Duc Nhan always offers the attractive and good policies to all employees and makes sure that working is not only for earning living but enjoying yourselves.
With around 500 workers, Duc Nhan now is on the way of fast and stable development.
HAWA is a local non- government organization, an association of companies in the wooden furniture and handicrafts industry.
Being a member, Duc Nhan has good chances to extend its relations, updates the situation concerned to furniture business. By making use of it, Duc Nhan can have appropriate and better policies for business strategy in the condition of world and local economy are changing day but day.
Unified and good quality products are the target of all professional manufacturers. Duc Nhan already runs the program of ISO 9001 in our management system.
Also, a new ERP program has been run from this August 2008 to have a better and effective and professional management.
There are currently customers who prefer working with TFT wooden products. That is reason Duc Nhan is working with TFT to be the member in coming years.
Duc Nhan’s strategy is unceasingly keep improvements in production, management system in order to minimize the production costs so that we can offer a better to our customers and improve the benefits for the Company and employees.
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