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All outdoor products made by Duc Nhan mainly are imported from South America, South Africa, Asia etc… such as Grandis, Saligna etc… Besides from Costa Rica are also new choices if required.
Indoor furniture: We are focusing on rubber wood, acacia, pine wood, America hardwood such as Oak, Ash etc… where are imported from Malaysia, Cambodia , Lao and America…
The wicker fibres are now more and more popular in our designs where we buy from local suppliers and also, if required, we can buy from VIRO…
With the new trend of designs, mixed materials is the choice which almost customers are interested in. Duc Nhan’s designs now also pay more attention on the mixed material such as: stainless steel high quality, aluminium, iron etc...
Hardwares, fittings are supplied by the reputational Vietnamese and oversea suppliers which passes test from well-recognized lab. We can buy from China, Tawain and even from E.U if required.
Duc Nhan has a cushion designer who is able to create yearly new selection of cushion. We also have a domestic partner who can make our designs to become nice products and meet the customers’ requirements.