Green – Sustainable

Our commitment to serving you is our mission.

Beginning as a family-owned business in 1993, we are now a company with thousands of employees and about 100,000 square meters in factory space. With production volume over 3,000 containers annually, our products are distributed all over the world. Our strength is illustrated in our sustainable and strong product development as evident in our constant annual growth.  With the purpose of serving your everyday needs, our workforce consists of brilliant engineers, dedicated designers and skillful workers who are deeply committed to you.  With our innovative ideas and creativity, combined with modern technology, Dreamwin Furniture is committed to creating delicate and modern interior products that are second to none.  Our products are green-based, natural, durable and are made entirely from our factories based in DUC NHAN Group.

In this new era of digital technology, most of our main concern is having the right balance between work and life. With the pressure of daily routines, it is necessary that we have a relaxing space, a place for us to work, to rest and to eat comfortably.  We all want to have a beautiful home, a pretty garden, a wonderful front yard, and on the nicest street.  Dreamwin Furniture is committed to being a good companion to your daily needs, guarantee to meet your demands, and will help improve your quality of life with our amazing products.

We would like to thank all our dedicated employees and partners for your tireless efforts in creating the Dreamwin Furniture brand.  Most importantly, we would like to thank all our customers around the world who have supported DUC NHAN Group since 1993 and who will continue to support Dreamwin Furniture into the future.



Nguyen Thanh Nhon