What is the role of furniture? What is the development trend of the Vietnamese furniture industry? These questions are currently of interest to many consumers. Before shopping for furniture for your apartment or office, Duc Nhan believes that these questions need to be answered.

1. Trends in choosing furniture of Vietnamese users

For a long time, the Vietnamese furniture industry has also made significant developments in production and distribution. Consumers are also starting to be aware of buying furniture that suits their needs. There are many furniture products born and well received by users.

The divergence of trends takes place very clearly. The most prominent are trends such as cheap furniture, high-end furniture, imported furniture and domestic furniture. These trends relate to the product’s price and country of origin. Not to mention many other trends related to style.

You can consult and choose the trends that suit your needs. In fact, although there is a clear distinction, between trends such as modern furniture and imported furniture, or high-class furniture and imported furniture do not conflict with each other. You can just choose imported, high-end products at affordable prices.

2. The role of furniture in architectural space

Considered to bring comfort and aesthetics to all architectural works, interior products are also carefully selected and cared for. Let’s consider the basic roles of furniture.

2.1. Bring convenience

First of all, interior products must not only be installed and arranged in accordance with the area of ​​​​the house, office or shop space, but also must help users feel convenient.

No matter what furniture you use, you must pay attention to make the product most convenient for the user. The function of the product will be selected based on the object of use, area, frequency, and human needs.

2.2. Ensure aesthetics

The second equally important role of the interior is aesthetics of the product itself and the surrounding space. Interior design today is not just about filling spaces with products that are as easy to use as possible. They are a combination of installation art and the designer’s aesthetic eye.

From the shape, color, material of the product can create a harmonious and impressive interior space. Interior space needs to be scientific and reasonable for a certain purpose.


In general, the Vietnamese furniture market has been changing a lot. To choose the right furniture products, you need to understand the role of furniture as well as the development trends of the furniture industry. Hopefully, the information provided by Duc Nhan above has been able to help you gain more experience in buying furniture for yourself.





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